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Geneviève Canterbury
(Assistant Director, Curriculum Coordinator)

I enjoy working with young children using playful learning methods to stimulate their attention through the discovery of art, music, and games.

It is a privilege to watch them marvel, grow at their own pace, and discover their promising hidden talents!


English Teacher

"Listening to and observing children play and learn is an infinitely magical gift. I am honored to be a part of the curiosity and wonder that comes with the love of learning together."


French Teacher

"The most prestigious about being a teacher is being able to bring the excitement of learning into classroom and seeing the growth of each children."

After School Program Teacher

"I look forward to creating an environment where your children can grow and flourish, and embrace the magic  and wonder of each new day."

Olivia Dupré

(Head of Alouette Preschool)

Olivia, of French mother tongue, is originally from France. (Paris Ile-de-France region).

After stints serving as an au pair in Hawaii, and a nanny in the Pacific Palisades, Olivia realized her passion for working with young children.

And so, in 2014, she enrolled at SMC to study Early Childhood Education. She ultimately obtained her Early Childhood Bachelor’s Degree in July 2018, from National University.

For Olivia, it is a particular joy to care for the young children who are entrusted to her. In her eyes, they shine like diamonds.

As a fan of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince,” Olivia likens her experience to the one in the book, of having discovered a more generous and humane vision of the world that she wants to share with all.

Geneviève Canterbury

(Assistant Director, curriculum's Coordinator)

Genevieve is a native French speaker originally from Quebec, Canada.

She is a happy mother of two girls. After having her first child, Genevieve discovered a deep love for teaching children.


She returned to school to study Early Childhood Education and became an Enrichment teacher.  She is dedicated to exposing the children to enjoyable and memorable learning experiences through art, movement, and nature.


She is now happy to be at Alouette sharing her passion with our students!

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