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Our Philosophy


We believe that self-esteem is the critical component to optimal growth in your children. In order for a child to develop high self-esteem, we focus on developing the socialization and self-help skills needed to succeed in other areas of development.

For children, learning to cope with others depends to a large extent on how they feel about themselves. In the care of adults who help them feel appreciated and skillful, children are more likely to be relaxed, friendly, and sociable with others.


Through play, children learn to know themselves, to know their world, to know others. They develop the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in their lives. All children learn and grow in their own unique way. We must keep in mind that each child is unique, that each child must learn and grow at his or her own pace.


Each child is unique, each child learns and grows at his or her own pace! 

Alouette® Childcare is safety approved by the California Child Licensing Department.
We provide proper nutrition following the guidelines of the California Child Care Food Program.


Alouette Childcare fosters a full French environment through its books, toys and decor.

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