During the day, the children do different manual activities (collage, painting, reading, homemade modeling clay, etc...) but also outdoor activities (gardening, tobogganing, music, yoga...).

The facility provides good nutrition by following the guidelines of the California Day Care Food Program. 

From 12:45 p.m. onwards and for almost 2 hours, the children have a quiet time to take a nap.

A typical day at Alouette

Before 8:00 




8:15 to 8:45




10:00 to 10:15











3:30 pm

4 pm


5:30 pm 


Preparation of the childcare facility.

Opening of the doors



Free play

Circle Time


Activities per group

Morning Snack (served indoors or outdoors depending on the weather). Hands are washed both before and after.


Outdoor games with free play or different activities.

Children play amongst themselves with adult observation.


Clean-Up Time with children’s participation.


Lunch (We transition to lunch by changing diapers and washing hands. Hands are washed again following the meal). 


Free Play.

Nap. (We begin transitions to naptime immediately following lunch. Preparation includes washing up, changing, and settling down for sleep.)


Following naptime, the children play outside.


Afternoon Snack (Snack is eaten indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Hands are washed before and after.)

Free play

Closing of the doors

The arouse and the well-being of the children present in our nursery is our priority!

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