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Supervise and monitor the safety of the children

Prepare meals and organize mealtimes and snacks for children

Ensure good hygiene for children

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Organize activities so that children can familiarize themselves with the outside world and explore their special interests.

Establish a varied schedule to alternate between physical activities, recess, and rest.

Watch for any signs of emotional or development problems in children and bring it to the parents’ attention.

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We stimulate babies and toddlers through storytelling and games. We teach them to share and take turns, and if sharing proves difficult, we draw their attention to other stimuli. We also use games to improve language: introducing and reinforcing the words for various shapes and colors, etc.

To develop their social skills, we encourage them to build together in the sandbox. Children are particularly involved in creative activities such as art, dance, and music.

After all the children are gone, other responsibilities await us: shopping, keeping records, and cleaning the premises.


The staff looks after the children at the service provider's own home during opening hours. We ensure that our homes and all employed staff adhere to the regulations and requirements from the family child care licensing office.

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