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Once upon a time... 

Imagine a small French Alouette who came to settle quietly in L.A. on Missouri Avenue on January 4, 2015.

What if I gave life to this ALOUETTE, with the richest repertoire in the world of birds with more than 600 notes and syllables articulated in sentences which correspond to information and which also indicate forms of emotions? As with a toddler, an Alouette expresses its emotions which are detectable by observing the speed of the song sequences.

My affinity for working with small children, my interest in Early Childhood Education, my patient temperament, and my appreciation for a bilingual experience during the formative years, all led to my opening my first nursery. In 01/05/2014, ALOUETTE CHILDCARE was born, making its very first nest on Missouri Avenue!

Finally, its nest having become too small, our pretty Alouette went on to sing in a larger space on Kelton Avenue. And then added an additional nest on National Boulevard, which would become home to our Kindergarten.

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