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Olivia Dupré

Head of Alouette Childcare

There is nothing more wonderful than witnessing the sparkle in the eye of a child who was just learned the meaning of a word, or how to master a new game, or identify a letter, or recognize a color.

I employ several tools to broaden their imagination, to support them in their development, to encourage their acquisition of knowledge, and to build their self-esteem.

The great business of life begins with Early Childhood Education and Preschool! 

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"I want to accompany children in the discovery of new words, new games, and to teach them sharing, respect and mutual aid."


"I teach children to guide them  in learning self-regulation, accepting their individuality, and advancing in life with an empathetic heart."



Lead Assistant


Olivia Dupré

Head of Alouette Childcare

Olivia, of French mother tongue, is originally from France. (Paris Ile-de-France region).

After being an au pair in Hawaii and then Nanny at Pacific Palisades, Olivia discovers and realizes her passion for young children.


This is why, in 2014, she enrolled at SMC to study early childhood education and subsequently obtained her Bachelor in Early Childhood in July 2018 at National University.


For Olivia it is a particular pleasure to take care of the young children who are entrusted to her. In his eyes, they shine like little diamonds.

And then, "The Little Prince" took her to her world in the blink of an eye, and she immediately adhered to her more generous and more human vision of the world that she wants to share with them. (This wonderful book is her roadmap and that she likes to give ...)

Olivia's diplomas

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